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Six strangers stuck in a world that had left them behind. That’s how you could describe the beginning of Frantic Romantic. Until very recently, the different members of this ensemble cast were working separately, settling with projects only half-fulfilling the addiction that they all shared. It was only when their lives started overlapping did they realize they would eventually come together to handcraft a sonic, melodic miasma of songs spanning over two full length albums. At the heart of Frantic Romantic is a love for a 90’s culture that's been swept away with yesteryear. It's that unknown band you hear in a rundown back alley venue. It's that album you pick up at the record store and spin on the car ride home—uninterrupted. That’s the culture Frantic Romantic longs for and the community they breathe life back into.


Their latest single and video for “Among the Stars” combines bold and beautiful sounds that will be in your head for days.
— Buzzfeed
Frantic Romantic is quickly becoming our favorite new band, and we suggest you get on board as well!
— Music Existence
The band shows no sign of slowing down. With Alt-Pop hooks, the group easily wins over your heart and your ears which does the soul good.
— No Depression
The group outdoes themselves not only musically but visually as well. With bursts of color and darkness, Frantic Romantic will have you intrigued within first listen and view.
— Modern Mystery Blog